Texas Welcomes Phil Cardella

“Those that dedicate time to self improvement and train are taking part in improving their community.” – Phil Cardella.   The Texas Martial Arts Community has had the influence of this 2nd Degree Relson Gracie Black belt for over a decade, and now he is invited back to the lone star state by friends, Local Academies, and Martial Artists.

Phil’s Seminar Series is supporting a new chapter in his calling as a Martial Artist, by spreading his knowledge and experience with good people of communities all over the nation. With his expansion to the East Coast, fundamentals and a good foundation have been his main focus for the last eight months.

Cardella will help train the student’s who attend his seminars according to their goals. His knowledge, ability to produce training results for those around him, and dedication to  his style of Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is world class. Phil gives an insightful look into his students’ training and technique.  He has the technical ability to fill in their gaps, and expand on their current training.

Phil’s ultimate goal is to spread Real Martial Arts throughout every generation, so that people become more focused, capable, safer, more polite, and respectful to one another.  He plans to instill more humility, less stress, and more awareness within the ranks of the Academies and gyms.

Each seminar will be custom tailored to those that attend! Don’t miss your chance to train with one of the best instructors in the world.

For more information contact Laura@MMA4Florida.com.