National Personal Self-Defense Month – Seminar at the University of St. Augustine

January is National Self-Defense Month, and the Relson Gracie St. Augustine Academy commemorated by launching a free Self-Defense seminar for the University of St. Augustine  this past Wednesday.  The seminar was taught by 2nd Degree Black Belt, local business owner and mixed martial artist, Phil Cardella.   He created awareness and gave those who attended a foundation to the worlds most effective form of self-defense – Gracie Jiu-JItsu.

Phil Cardella on ABC News

Relson Gracie and Phil Cardella

Safely Demonstrating Gracie Self-Defense

Jiu-Jitsu was originally designed as a self-defense style Martial Art and it is designed so that even the smaller weaker person can use leverage and technique to overcome an attacker.  Naturally, the USA wellness center chose Cardella to launch a workshop for their faculty and staff.  “In order to better prepare the community we started from the top of the food chain – the support system of the university.” say’s Cardella.  If the forerunners of the university build awareness then the whole university is stronger and more prepared as a whole.

Phil Cardella has launched Self-Defense Seminars all across the nation including sprawling urban communities like Jacksonville, Austin, Houston, New York, Cleveland, Columbus, Washington, Lihue, Honolulu, and El Paso.  Not only has he dedicated his time to enriching the community he is a former marine and  a level 1, 2, and 3 Army Combative’s instructor.  He regularly makes trips to teach hundreds of our armed forces out of places like Fort Hood.


Cardella hopes to continue enlightening and empowering more Faculty, Staff, and Student’s at the University, as well as local residents in the near future.  We live next to one of the most crime filled cities in the nation, Jacksonville, Florida, and we cannot ignore the need for self reliance and prevention in our community.