Grappling Tournament Results

Brian Cimins ran another on schedule Grapplers Quest event this weekend in Coral Springs FL. Our fledgling academy brought 4 competitors representing Relson Gracie St. Augustine Team.  Laura Atkins, Brian DeAngelis, Edwin Wandemburg, and Hayden Whetstone stepped into battle against world champions and seasoned competitors bringing home a total of 4 medals to the ancient city; two Silvers and two Bronze. This was the first tournament for the competitors under Phil Cardella’s instruction and at their belt levels.  It was a great experience, and we are continuing to train hard as well as tighten up some things before our next competition.

“Tournament preparation is hard work, and champions are not made overnight” says Cardella. It takes  months of hard work, good health and preparation to even be competitive in those ranks. In order to rise to the top, personal sacrifice and focus has to be demonstrated for weeks before the event. Tenacity, follow through, and determination are all a prerequisite on this battle field.

Competition is nothing new to our team and our head instructor, Phil Cardella. He fought in both the Las Vegas light weight Black Belt tournament and the 16 man Dream Division tournament in Bayonne New Jersey. After seeing his students, Phil Cardella was inspired to agree to another “Super Fight” for Grapplers Quest again.

This weekend was a humble start for our academy as a team in competition, but it created momentum, something new businesses always need.  With the experience and wisdom of a battle hardened Champion instructor you can expect consistently great results from this Academy in the future.   Relson Gracie himself and several Black Belts were not surprised to hear the results after the dust settled from this weekend. Adjustments and progression have already begun after the competitors have returned back to town and back to the Academy where preparation for success is created. The team returned with no injuries and a new found focus.