November/December Promotions

Congratulations to our two teammates Brian DeAngelis, and Remo Kousins who earned a stripe on their blue belt yesterday evening.  It typically takes students at least 100 hours of structured class training to earn a stripe on a colored belt. These two students are consistent with their training, go the extra mile, and have spent well over 100 hours learning our system.


Both have prior tournament experience and future competition aspirations and take a studious approach to learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. They demonstrate high levels of control and humility on the mats; And also take the time to help newer students learn the Relson Gracie system and share their love for the sport.

Remo is the founder and president at the North Florida Grappling Club at the University of North Florida and continues to pass on our teams knowledge there.  Brian is an avid notetaker and can regularly be found training  twice a day, as much as 5 hours!