Relson Gracie Brown Belt Visits St. Augustine

Gabriel Obiedo

Gabriel Obiedo, a long time student and 1 Stripe Brown belt under Master Relson Gracie and Phil Cardella visited our Academy last week all the way from Austin, TX.  He came to St. Augustine for the sole purpose of training, hanging out at the beach, paddleboarding, fishing, and eating awesome food prepared by Chef Cardella.

Obiedo works for the Austin, Tx Fire department; he is a hard working dedicated student and a well conditioned athlete.  Gabe was generous of his time around the School, ready to lend a helpful hand wherever it was needed.  His commitment to the team and dedication to training went above and beyond what was expected. It was great to have one of Cardella’s  high ranking students on the mats, and those who attended the Academy last week got a taste of Gabe’s hardcore warmups!


Gabe Obiedo and Phil Cardella Sparring