Happy 4th of July!

1st Muay Thai Class

We send our thanks to all those who have fought for this country and your service is greatly appreciated.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours on the mats training today as part of celebrating our independence.


Last month was motivating for the Academy! Black Belt King Webb, and owner of Seguin MMA visited us from Texas for one week and trained on our mats several times. Chris Spicer, a 4 stripe purple belt, professional MMA fighter, grappling competitor, and one tall lanky Monster visited St. Augustine for a week in June.  Spicer is a loyal teammate and hard working student  and is also our new Relson Gracie Association head in Waco, TX.  We also held our first Muay Thai class with instructor Adam Sugalski Last weekend.  We had a large turnout of 10 students to break in our brand new double end and Muay Thai bags.

Phil Cardella and King Webb



The technical foundation being shared from the instructor Phil Cardella to the student’s has created fast progression, and dedication to training has been solid among new student’s.

Don’t forget…Trey Mundine, a professional fighter and salty 4 stripe purple belt  is coming to town on July 6th!