Plot on Your Training Partners

For a limited time we are offering private lessons for less than half the price! 2nd Degree Black Belt, Phil Cardella is offering an hours worth of one on one training for only $40. Normally Retail rates for a private lesson from an experienced Gracie Black Belt run $100 and up.

This offer will save you $60!

Each private lesson is at least an hour; You will have chance to spar, ask questions, and absolutely plot on your training partners! (they will eventually appreciate it.)


It’s easy to schedule an appointment online, just follow these steps!


1.  Click on the enrollment link on the right column of the website


2.  Click on the APPOINTMENT tab on the upper right hand side of the screen.

3.  Select Private Lesson and begin to book your desired appointment time

4.  Login, Confirm your appointment, and purchase the private lesson!